We use high grade end-of-life materials for our closed loop remanufacturing.

Our materials range from rescued car seat belts, decommissioned cargo belts, ex-army canvas, textile waste, kantha quilts, and bouncy castle.


The dark and daring fusion of black rescued seat belts and black ex-army canvas.

Museum of Fade

Multicolored decommissioned cargo belts meet black ex-army canvas and rescued black seat belts, showcasing the beauty of transformation.

Serially Circular

A vibrant mix of orange cargo belts, black rescued seat belts, and ex-army canvas that redefine recycling.

Portuguese Christmas

Decommissioned green and red cargo belts, paired with black rescued seat belts, evoke a festive spirit.

Outback & Beyond

Olive green discarded army canvas joins forces with black rescued seat belts and salvaged leather for an adventurous collection.


Green cargo belts meet grey and black rescued seat belts, along with black ex-army canvas, in a nod to sustainability.

Black Cappuccino

Black discarded army canvas, black rescued seat belts, and salvaged leather create a bold and comforting blend.

Punar Prayog

Kantha quilts, pattu drapes, black discarded army canvas, and black rescued seat belts harmonize in a collection that embraces renewal.


Decommissioned bouncy castle and black ex-army canvas come together, celebrating uniqueness and sustainability.

Elevating circularity with style, collection by collection.

You have the power to make positive change when you realize that every Dollar, Euro, and Rupee that you spend counts as a Vote for the kind of world you want to live in."

-Bhawna Dandona, Co-founder of Jaggery

Unlocking new possibilities through collaborative efforts.


Our collaboration with fine art photographer Shoeb Mashadi.

Join us in "Celebrating Urban Decay" – a unique collaboration with photographer Shoeb Mashadi. Witness the beauty of the Jaggery's bags amidst decaying landfills and auto scrap yards, redefining the concept of beauty and sustainability. Get a sneak peek of the behind the scenes as well.

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