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Green cargo belts meet grey and black rescued seat belts, along with black ex-army canvas, in a nod to sustainability.

Our unique collection of commuter bags that is making a bold statement on women's empowerment. The collection is a fusion of green cargo belts and rescued car seat belts in off-white and black. These belts are quilted to form the front panel of each bag and combined with black ex-army canvas. The result is a collection that exudes a confident, edgy vibe, while also championing the cause of women's empowerment.

Heryana is a wordplay between 'Her' and the Indian state of 'Haryana', reflecting our commitment to creating products that uplift and empower women. As the collection blurs the boundaries between style and substance, we invite you to join us in this movement towards a more equitable and inclusive future.

"Empowering women is not just the right thing to do, it's the smart thing to do. When women succeed, nations are more productive and prosperous."

- Former U.S. President Barack Obama

Bestseller from the collection

Fausto Backpack

Made for life spent in quest of the metaphysical, our Fausto Backpack will keep your game plan on track. Designed to make a magical difference in your everyday life, this roomy backpack is comfortable for travel and work. You can carry the bag in two different ways – as a vertical briefcase using the back grab handle or like a backpack using the adjustable seat belt straps.


Hero Materials Heryana

Cargo lashing Belts and Car Seat Belts

The Heryana Collection is a unique fusion of functionality and sustainability, where decommissioned green cargo belts, beige and black rescued car seat belts, and ex-army canvas come together to create stylish and durable bags.

Hero Materials Heryana

Cargo lashing Belts and Car Seat Belts

Inspired by the rugged beauty of the outdoors, this collection embodies a harmonious blend of repurposed materials, showcasing our commitment to upcycling and reducing waste.

Hero Materials Heryana

Cargo lashing Belts and Car Seat Belts

Each bag tells a story of resilience and resourcefulness, capturing the essence of eco-conscious fashion and ethical craftsmanship.

Hero Materials Heryana

Cargo lashing Belts and Car Seat Belts

With "Heryana", we aim to inspire a sense of responsibility towards the environment and encourage others to think beyond conventional design.

Transforming Waste to Value

Past-present comparison of rescued belts with their ecomodern avatars.





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