Celebrating Urban Decay

Redefining the Concept of Beauty and Sustainability

Join us in "Celebrating Urban Decay", a captivating collaboration between Jaggery and fine art photographer Shoeb Mashadi. With a bold and unconventional approach, this campaign reimagines the beauty found within urban decay. The bags from Jaggery's collection become symbolic elements against the backdrop of landfills and auto scrap yards in Delhi NCR. Through Shoeb Mashadi's lens, the juxtaposition of these resilient bags against the decaying urban landscapes creates a powerful visual narrative, highlighting the urgency for sustainable practices. This collaboration invites viewers to question their perception of beauty, to reflect on our consumer culture, and to find inspiration in repurposing and reimagining the discarded.

Let us celebrate urban decay.

“Let this powerful visual narrative inspire you to make conscious choices and embrace the transformative potential of repurposing.”

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