Ethical Sourcing

Jaggery Bags - Ethical Sourcing

Responsible sourcing is at the heart of Jaggery Bags, it is infact what we're all about!

We know where each of our products has come from and who made it, and we can therefore trust that it was made responsibly. Which in turn means we can promise that our products are trustworthy.

Our sourcing story is a combination of how we source our materials, in particular the seatbelts and the tarpaulins we use for our bags, along with ensuring socially responsible manufacturing sites that help achieve an overall positive impact.

The different sourcing policies which enable us to do this are briefly explained in the Why Buy From Us section of our site. Please feel free to write to us at if you're seeking more information on any particular aspect of the production process or have any questions in general, we would be delighted to hear from you. 

XOXO - Team Jaggery


Jaggery Bags - Sourcing Trip South Delhi Mohalla
Jaggery Bags - Man Cleaning Fire Hose
Jaggery Bags - Typical Sadar Bazar scene
Jaggery Bags - Seat Belts Drying
Jaggery Bags - Typical Maya Puri car spare parts market scene
Jaggery Bags - Typical Scrap Tyre Tube shop
Jaggery Bags - Typical Car Seat Belt Buckle removal process
Jaggery Bags - Typical Army Tent

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