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Get ready to wear your values! Jaggery x The Good Felt combine upcycling with recycling to bring you bold, conscious fashion that is totally you.

Fashion's toll on the environment and society is immense. In response, Jaggery and The Good Felt have joined forces to launch Sustainable Pathways for Innovation and Change in Fashion (SPICF), a platform championing women's empowerment, master craftsmanship, planet preservation, and economic growth.

The Good Collection, born from forgotten materials, stands as a testament to the transformative synergy of upcycling and recycling. Crafting limited edition circular bags, it ingeniously combines textile waste felt with rescued car seat belts and ex-army parachutes, giving each piece a unique allure.

Yet, these bags are more than accessories, they are instruments of change. Each stitch weaves a connection between waste workers, creative clusters, and skilled artisans in Delhi NCR, fostering dignified work, vibrant communities, and earth-friendliness. Join us in this impactful journey.

Style is about self-expression, and what you wear shouldn't come at the cost of the planet.

- Pharrell Williams, Singer & Conscious Consumption Evangelist

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The Good Tote Bag in Grey Felt and Rescued Car Seat Belts

Spacious and designed to be the perfect add-on bag you'd ever need. Its size is very habit-forming, you may find yourself carrying it everywhere!

Fashion can be a force for good. Choose consciously. Wear confidently. Make an impact.

The Hero Materials

Post Consumer Textile Waste

India generates between 7,500 to 8,700 kilotons of post-consumer textile waste annually. This translates to roughly 8.4% of global textile waste estimates. These materials are often discarded in large quantities, contributing to the mounting waste crisis that our planet is facing.

The Hero Materials

Felt in the Making

Worker engaged in the multi-step textile waste felt manufacturing process at our partner factory in Panipat, India. The making process involves a human guided approach with a combination of manual labor and felting machinery.

The Hero Materials

Recycled Felt Rolls

Join us in choosing mindful shades. Our grey and white felt creations may not be the loudest, but they speak volumes about sustainability.

The Hero Materials

Recycled Felt Sheets

While felt sheets are produced in a broad spectrum of colours, for our collaboration, we're working with a muted color pallet. As a result, we are contributing to the reduction of waste, generating dignified employment opportunities, while also promoting sustainable fashion with a touch of minimalism.

The Hero Materials

Rescued Car Seat Belts

We combine felt with automotive waste like car seat belts to create The Good Felt Collection not just because of their unique textures, but also because of their durability. Our collaboration showcases a strong circular economy approach, where materials are kept in use for as long as possible and waste is minimized.

Transforming Waste to Value

Past-present comparison of textile waste with their current avatars.





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