We Carry Startups

What represents your company should be in sync with your companies' values and should reflect the appreciation you have for your clients. When many people think of 'Corporate gifts' they picture hideously cheap products, mass manufactured overseas with giant gaudy logos. We like to disagree that notion and work closely with companies to create something truly unique, that people will love.

We launched our WeCarryStartups project just to facilitate a unique carrying culture. If you want to properly promote your company culture & ethos please consider working with Jaggery Bagworks. Our team of designers and craftsmen have been working very hard on hand-crafted goods that range from Messenger bags and C--Founder's bags to Laptop SLeeves and Tote Bags for a variety of customers. Women and Men. Small and Large. Experienced and young.

Whether it's an order of 5,000 or 50 pieces we help you personalize your creation and proudly manufacture everything 100% start to finish, using materials and manufacturing techniques that take our corporate bags to a whole different level. We at Jaggery Bagworks offer Volume Discounts on all Cooperate Orders. You name it, we can do it. Embroidered patches, laser engraving or branding leather, silk screening or creating something that's new that'll blow people's minds. Have an idea? We'd love to hear from you!

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